Excel Resources

Almost every Excel user eventually encounters a problem that they cannot solve. Here is a small list of places where you can find help with Microsoft Excel.

Amazon.com Excel books     Any book by John Walkenbach is highly recommended.  
Estimating with Microsoft Excel by Jay Christofferson     A good book that shows the excel features needed to do more advanced estimating.
Ozgrid Forums     Get answers to just about any question you have about Excel. You normally get an answer very quickly.
Google's Excel Group    A great place to find information on Excel.
Mr. Excel's Forum    Another place to ask questions and find answers.
www.j-walk.com/ss    John Walkenbach's website

There are many more places.  Just do a search at www.google.com on Microsoft Excel.


Maderasoft can help you if you do not want to go through the trouble of creating or modifying your own spreadsheet.  View the Services page for more information.